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We are thrilled to meet you and are excited to introduce ourselves. Now then, some of you may already subscribe to the idea that “everything happens for a reason”. To those that don’t, indulge us for the remainder of this post. One tip is to not translate this as meaning “fate” – which implies forces outside our control – but rather, consider that everything in your world is there to provide information – a lesson – which can better prepare you for the future.

With this in mind, the fact that you have found this blog has happened for a reason. What that is, well…we can’t say because we don’t know. Only you can know that. But what we can do is introduce ourselves and our mission and, hopefully, somewhere along the way you’ll discover the reason why you stumbled into our Imaginal Realm. 

But first, let’s all take a moment to breathe a collective sigh of relief as restrictions of the last couple of years seem to be in retreat. It’s been tough and perhaps it was no coincidence that it began in 2020, which was a significant year astrologically speaking with several conjunctions between Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. These slow-moving heavyweights don’t conjoin often and, when they do, tend to coincide with large scale global events and societal restructurings. And that certainly covers what we’ve had to deal with! 

But looking forward as the dust starts to settle: a constructive consequence of this is that people started to question. For some this happened naturally, others felt pushed into it as the systems they relied upon faltered. Either way, we need to now ask: what serves us going forward? What doesn’t? What old attitudes and perspectives must be let go of to grow…and what new attitudes and perspectives must be embraced? It was whilst reflecting on this that the idea for Imaginal Box was born. Our mission is a simple one: to be finger pointing towards the future. To serve seekers in an age of global awakening. 

We do this by sharing the wisdom of some of the most influential and impactful mind, body, spirit books available today as ebook and audio. We offer these spiritual book summaries because we know that, while it’s great that many people are now seeking personal spiritual growth, most people simply don’t have the time to read all the many fascinating books – on a range of spiritual topics – required for growth. This is especially so for people starting out where the sheer wealth of information available is overwhelming. For example, the average audiobook is 9 hours, but our average audio summary is only 30 mins. We do this by breaking each book down into “Imaginal Ideas” – condensed nuggets of spiritual wisdom distilled from the book. We also annotate our spiritual book summaries with contextual information to encourage wider reading and also include practical action points, called “Imaginal Steps”, to aid you in applying the wisdom in your life. We cover the full range of mind, body, spirit topics – from astrology to channelling and from past lives to Law of Attraction. Everything. Plus, each month you get an exclusive free guided meditation based on that month’s theme from Imaginal Box co-founder and in-house spiritual healer, Sophia.

So thank you for reading. If you think all this is guff and astrology, meditation, manifestation and so on is nonsense and most things are just random occurrences with no meaning…then, well, thanks for indulging us this far and we wish you well. For those curious about what we offer then we invite you to try our free sample summary of Science and Spiritual Practices by Rupert Sheldrake as well as a free sample guided meditation on Presence.

In love and service,

Imaginal Box team

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